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    Reporting Users & Messages on Discord

    Discord reports are not submitted on the forums like game server reports. We have a reporting system in our Discord bot that will allow you to report specific users or messages. To open a report, open a direct message with the Paragon MC bot Paragon MC#4975 and type -report. This will generate...
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    Information Prison Guide

    There are multiple events that you can get involved in for prizes and to contribute towards quests and daily missions. There are a variety of different events that will periodically take place - some are solo events whilst some are gang-based events. Permanently Active This event is...
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    Information Prison Guide

    The quarry area has a quarry that is operated by miner minions that can be individually upgraded. All islands with this area unlocked will have one miner minion operating the quarry, though up to 9 more miner minions can be purchased from the store. Miner minions consume power as they mine. The...
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    Information Prison Guide

    The Outback is a place where you can grind mobs to gain tokens. When a player is in the Outback, mobs will periodically spawn for the player to kill. We'll be looking into enhancing this area in the future. You can also mine regenerating ores in the Outback which will provide you with fuel for...
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    Information Prison Guide

    Standard enchantments and custom pickaxe enchantments can be purchased with tokens. The first level of each custom pickaxe enchantment is unlocked for everyone by default and you will be able to unlock higher levels of a custom pickaxe enchantment by levelling up your gang. The effect of a...
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    Information Prison Guide

    You've been sentenced to a lifetime in prison and hard-labour for multiple accounts of piracy. Make ends meet by using the prison mines to sell rarities to the corrupt Prison Warden. Upgrade your tools to make more money in a shorter space of time. Keep your criminal activities going whilst in...
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    Discord Rules

    Spam Punishment: 1-Hour Mute | 6-Hour Mute | 1-Day Mute | 3-Day Mute Posting comments in the chat purely to disrupt and spam it is considered spam. Things that come under this offence include, but are not limited to, posting song lyrics, posting multiple similar messages consecutively, tagging...
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    Forum Rules

    Whilst your forums account is restricted, you will not be able to post a thread, a thread reply, or a profile post. You will also not be able to receive conversation messages, start new conversations, change your username, change your custom title, change your profile picture, or edit other user...
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    [Low] Not all (1.5x) multipliers are added to inventory

    Thanks for the report! It's only possible to receive multipliers from crates and treasure chests. I've checked the configurations and the commands to give you the multipliers are correct. If you come across this again, let me know exactly what isn't giving you the multipliers correctly.
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    [Low] You get 8 obsidian when a mining treasure chest is blown up

    Thanks for the report! I've put this in to be fixed.
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    [Low] "Inventory is full" still shows up when you have a backpack

    Thanks for the report! Hopefully, this should now be fixed.
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    [Low] In some mines 9 ingots sell for more than blocks

    Thanks for the report! I've gone ahead and changed all the sell prices. Let me know if there are still any issues.
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    [Low] "Inventory is full" message line break is broken

    Thanks for the report! This should have now been fixed.
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    [Low] Swimming out too far from spawn puts you below the island

    Thanks for the report! This has been fixed.
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    [Low] Able to take items from miner minion

    Thanks for the report! I've logged this bug to be fixed in the coming days. If it happens again, just let me or Skaga know and we'll fix it.