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  1. Swalbert

    Information Public Beta Release

    We've added a few more gameplay features to Paragon MC Prison and are now ready to test things for one final time. We need our players to help us assure the best gameplay quality! This thread will detail what we will be doing during this period of time and how you can get involved. The public...
  2. Swalbert

    Reporting Users & Messages on Discord

    Discord reports are not submitted on the forums like game server reports. We have a reporting system in our Discord bot that will allow you to report specific users or messages. To open a report, open a direct message with the Paragon MC bot Paragon MC#4975 and type -report. This will generate...
  3. Swalbert

    Information Prison Guide

    You've been sentenced to a lifetime in prison and hard-labour for multiple accounts of piracy. Make ends meet by using the prison mines to sell rarities to the corrupt Prison Warden. Upgrade your tools to make more money in a shorter space of time. Keep your criminal activities going whilst in...
  4. Swalbert

    Discord Rules

    Spam Punishment: 1-Hour Mute | 6-Hour Mute | 1-Day Mute | 3-Day Mute Posting comments in the chat purely to disrupt and spam it is considered spam. Things that come under this offence include, but are not limited to, posting song lyrics, posting multiple similar messages consecutively, tagging...
  5. Swalbert

    Forum Rules

    Whilst your forums account is restricted, you will not be able to post a thread, a thread reply, or a profile post. You will also not be able to receive conversation messages, start new conversations, change your username, change your custom title, change your profile picture, or edit other user...
  6. Swalbert

    Staff Reports | Information & Guide

    If you need to report a staff member, you can do so by opening a staff report. Staff reports are reviewed by the Administration Team and are investigated thoroughly. Instructions Go to the Staff Reports form. Complete all the questions. Submit your report. Information Do not report staff...
  7. Swalbert

    Information QA Beta Release

    After many long months, I'm very excited to announce a private quality assurance beta release for Paragon MC Prison! As development is drawing to a close, we want you to help us assure the best gameplay quality! This thread will detail what we will be doing during this period of time and how you...
  8. Swalbert

    Chest Shops

    On the Prison game mode, you can create a chest shop in the market area of your island. This guide will explain how to create a chest shop that sells items to players and purchases items from players. Chest shops can only be created in the market area of your island, so you must own an island...
  9. Swalbert

    Information Network Guide

    Welcome to Paragon MC! This guide will give you an insight into the network as a whole and how things work around here! This thread should answer any questions you may have about the network. General Information Paragon MC currently supports Minecraft Java clients 1.8 - 1.16 and houses a very...
  10. Swalbert

    Retrieving your Discord User ID

    This guide will help you retrieve your Discord user ID. This can be helpful if you need to make an appeal for a Discord punishment. Your Discord user ID is not your username or discriminator. It is a unique, 18-digit number that identifies your Discord account. 1. Make sure you have Developer...
  11. Swalbert

    Linking a Minecraft Account

    Linking your Minecraft account to your forum account will allow for players to be able to identify you easier. Having your Minecraft account linked to your forum account is now a requirement for staff applications, so it is important to link it if you have or are thinking of applying for staff...
  12. Swalbert

    Game Server Rules

    All punishments are IP-based. If an account on your IP address is muted or banned, all other accounts on your IP address will be blocked from sending chat messages or joining the game server. If you do not recognise an account on your IP address that has a punishment, create an appeal explaining...
  13. Swalbert

    Information Bug Reports | Information & Guide

    This thread will help you report any bugs that you may have found on the network. Instructions Go to the Bug Reports form. Complete all the questions. Submit your report. Information Staff periodically look at Bug Reports. If it has not been responded to, feel free to ask a member of staff...
  14. Swalbert

    Open Staff Applications | Information & Guide

    Staff members are a vital asset to the network when it comes to supporting players and enforcing network rules. To apply for the Trial-Mod position, follow these following instructions carefully. Thanks for taking an interest in becoming a staff member on Paragon MC! Instructions Go to the...
  15. Swalbert

    Information Player Reports | Information & Guide

    This thread will help you report any players who have broken the rules on the network when staff members haven’t been around. Thanks for helping moderate the Paragon MC network! Instructions Go to the Player Reports form. Complete all the questions. Submit your report. Information Staff...
  16. Swalbert

    Information Punishment Appeals | Information & Guide

    This thread will help your appeal a punishment against you. Instructions Go to the Punishment Appeals form. Complete all the questions. Submit your appeal. Information Staff periodically look at Punishment Appeals. Please be patient. It could be a case of staff are looking into the appeal...
  17. Swalbert

    Enchantment Combining

    Players are now able to combine enchantment books and pickaxes by using the Blacksmith at /spawn. How it Works Pickaxes Two of the same pickaxes can be placed into the GUI. "Same" refers to the type of pickaxe (i.e. diamond, gold, iron). Durability When two pickaxes are combined, the...
  18. Swalbert

    Information Network Voting

    You can vote for the network and receive rewards whilst helping us out! Voting Links
  19. Swalbert

    Information Purchase Support | Information & Guide

    This thread will help you with any concerns/issues you have with any payments you wish to make or have made. We currently only support PayPal as a payment method but are actively considering other gateways as alternatives. FAQs "I didn't receive my package, what should I do?" All purchases...