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Feb 1, 2019
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This thread will help you with any concerns/issues you have with any payments you wish to make or have made.
We currently only support PayPal as a payment method but are actively considering other gateways as alternatives.

"I didn't receive my package, what should I do?"

All purchases should go through in around 10 minutes at a maximum, but please allow an hour for your package to go through.
If your package does not go through within an hour, feel free to make a thread in the "Purchase Support" sub-forum as described below. It could be a case of your payment taking a while to process. Packages are only sent out when your payment has been processed.

"My purchase came through in-game, but I did not receive my package. What should I do?"
In these rare cases, there is not much we can do for physical in-game items. If you, for some reason, don't receive your rank after purchasing one, create a thread in the "Purchase Support" sub-forum as described below.

"I spelt my in-game name wrong and I have purchased (a) package(s), what should I do?"
You should not attempt to chargeback on your order. If you file a chargeback, dispute and/or claim, no help will be given to you and you will be permanently banned from the server and any relating platforms.
Create a thread in the "Purchase Support" sub-forum as described below and the package(s) may be transferred to the correct account. We have no obligation to do this as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

"The store is in GBP and I use a different currency, can I still purchase something?"
Yes! There is a simple way to change your preferred currency on the store to help give you a better understanding of the prices. At the top of the store, there is a drop-down menu that will allow you to select your preferred currency.
If you pay using PayPal, PayPal will give you the option to pay in your preferred currency and allow you to pay the equivalent by using PayPal's exchange rates.

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"Can another player purchase (a) package(s) for me?"
Absolutely! Players can gift packages to other players whilst logged into the store as themselves. To gift a package, click "Buy" next to the package, then click "Gift this Package" at the bottom. This will show a new menu that will ask for the username of the player you wish to gift the package to. Make sure you enter the correct username before checking out.

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Get Support
Still struggling, have a question/concern, or want to get support regarding a purchase you made? Follow the instructions to get further support from our team!
  1. Go to the Purchase Support form.
  2. Complete all the questions.
  3. Submit your support request.
Store Terms and Conditions
Before you purchase any package(s) from the webstore, you must agree to the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice. Read them thoroughly before making any purchases.
  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the purchases made on this ("our") webstore. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to have read these Terms and Conditions carefully and thoroughly. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.
  2. Any person affiliated with Paragon MC (i.e. Owners, Managers) ("we", "affiliates", "affiliate", "staff member", "staff members") reserve the full rights to modify both the price of a package and the contents of a package. You are not entitled to any old benefits ("perks" "features") of a package you have purchased if it is changed. We reserve the full rights to change ("edit") a package in any way without reasoning or prior warning.
  3. Any affiliates or staff members reserve the full rights to forcibly revoke your access from the game server ("network"), website, Discord server and/or the store.
  4. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that they have entered the correct Minecraft account in-game name ("IGN", "in-game name", "account name", "username") before purchasing (a) package(s). If the wrong username is entered and the payment has processed, we will have no obligation to transfer the packages to the correct account. You may create a thread in the "Purchase Issues" sub-forums to possibly rectify this.
  5. Any details submitted at the time of purchase ("details" "information") can be used against you in the event of a chargeback, dispute and/or claim. This includes your email and IP address.
  6. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to our Refund Policy. Our Refund Policy is based upon a strict 'non-refundable' policy. This means that under any circumstances you are not entitled to any sort of refund. In the event of a chargeback, dispute and/or claim, you recognise that your access to the network will likely be revoked and further legal action may take place. You further recognise that you must still follow the set rules of the network, website and the Discord server. You accept that in the event of a ban or your access to the network being revoked, you are still not entitled to any sort of refund.
  7. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to never present any lawsuit or legal challenge against any affiliate or staff member, for any reason, whether related to your purchase or not.
  8. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that even if you do not receive the package that you have purchased, you are still not entitled to a refund. To rectify this, create a thread on the Paragon MC Forums in the "Purchase Issues" sub-forum.
  9. You may pay for your purchase using PayPal. You authorise us to charge the applicable card the amount of the checkout. You represent and warrant that you are the account holder of the PayPal account. If your payment is rejected by PayPal, your order will not be received and we will have no obligation to fulfill your order. All billing and registration information provided by you to us must be truthful and accurate. Providing any untruthful or inaccurate information constitutes a breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  10. All Terms and Conditions take immediate effect as soon as the checkbox is checked and will remain to be active even after you leave our website, are banned, removed, or in any other way unable to access our network, Discord server, or website. The Terms and Conditions can be updated at any time without any notice.
Last Updated - 22/06/2020