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Feb 1, 2019
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This thread will help you with any concerns/issues you have with any payments you wish to make or have made.
We currently only support PayPal as a payment method but are actively considering other gateways as alternatives.

"I didn't receive my package, what should I do?"

All purchases should go through in around 10 minutes at a maximum, but please allow an hour for your package to go through.
If your package does not go through within an hour, feel free to make a thread in the "Purchase Support" sub-forum as described below. It could be a case of your payment taking a while to process. Packages are only sent out when your payment has been processed.

"My purchase came through in-game, but I did not receive my package. What should I do?"
In these rare cases, there is not much we can do for physical in-game items. If you, for some reason, don't receive your rank after purchasing one, create a thread in the "Purchase Support" sub-forum as described below.

"I spelt my in-game name wrong and I have purchased (a) package(s), what should I do?"
You should not attempt to chargeback on your order. If you file a chargeback, dispute and/or claim, no help will be given to you and you will be permanently banned from the server and any relating platforms.
Create a thread in the "Purchase Support" sub-forum as described below and the package(s) may be transferred to the correct account. We have no obligation to do this as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

"The store is in GBP and I use a different currency, can I still purchase something?"
Yes! There is a simple way to change your preferred currency on the store to help give you a better understanding of the prices. At the top of the store, there is a drop-down menu that will allow you to select your preferred currency.
If you pay using PayPal, PayPal will give you the option to pay in your preferred currency and allow you to pay the equivalent by using PayPal's exchange rates.

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"Can another player purchase (a) package(s) for me?"
Absolutely! Players can gift packages to other players whilst logged into the store as themselves. To gift a package, click "Buy" next to the package, then click "Gift this Package" at the bottom. This will show a new menu that will ask for the username of the player you wish to gift the package to. Make sure you enter the correct username before checking out.

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Get Support
Still struggling, have a question/concern, or want to get support regarding a purchase you made? Follow the instructions to get further support from our team!
  1. Go to the Purchase Support form.
  2. Complete all the questions.
  3. Submit your support request.