Prison Guide


Feb 2, 2019
A Guide to Prison

This thread is a guide to Prison. Paragon MC’s Prison game mode brings custom plugins to the table with many ranks, so you will never get bored!

The ranks in Prison start at ‘A’ and go all the way up to ‘Free’. Each rank will bring a new mine that you can mine at with new and rarer ores that sell for more money as you progress through the Prison.
When you reach rank ‘Free’, instead of being granted access to a new mine, you will be able to warp to the Free World!

Free World
This world is a normal survival world where you can collect any resources that you can’t naturally collect in the Prison. This allows you to add cool stuff to your cell.
Useful Commands
/warp Free
Warps you to the free world.

Tokens & Sell Multipliers
Our custom sell signs plugin allows players to gain an extra bit of cash with sell multipliers. Sell multipliers can be bought through the /shop GUI using tokens.
You will earn tokens by mining. For every 1000 blocks you mine, you will receive 50 tokens.
You can purchase: 1.25x temporary multipliers, 1.5x temporary multipliers, and 2.0x temporary multipliers. Smaller temporary multipliers can be found in crates. When bought, you will have to activate them in the /activate GUI. There is a multiplier cap at 11x meaning that your sell multiplier cannot go any higher than that. You can see your own multiplier and other players’ multipliers by: hovering over their name in chat or by typing /multiplier [player]. Sell multipliers can also be bought from the store. When you have (a) sell multiplier(s) active, the price displayed on the sell sign will be updated to accommodate the changes made to your multiplier.
Useful Commands
Opens the multiplier shop.
/activate Opens the activation menu.
/multiplier [player] Checks your or another player’s multiplier.
/tokens [player] Checks your or another player’s token balance.

When you reach rank ‘Free’, you will unlock the option to prestige. Prestiging sets your rank back to ‘A’ so you can start over again. There is a total of 20 prestiges.
In return, you will gain a small permanent sell boost. For every prestige, your sell booster will increase by 0.05x. This means that there is a chance to get a permanent sell booster of 2.0x.
Useful Commands
Allows you to prestige when the option is available.

Chest Shops
Create chest shops inside your cell where players can buy items from you and can sell items to you. Read about it in more detail here:

Players will be able to own 1 cell each. You can warp to /warp A-Block to rent a cell. Cells cost $50,000 per 7 days. As the network grows, more cell blocks will be added. Some future cell blocks will be home to bigger and more expensive cells for players that would like to pay for more room.
As your rent period comes to an end, you will have to renew your rent to make sure that you don’t lose your items that are stored in your cell.
Useful Commands
/warp A-Block
Warps to the A-Block.
/cell claim Claims the next available cell.
/cell unrent Unrents your cell when you are standing in it.
/cell extend Extends the rent on your cell.

Players have access to their own Miner. This NPC can be found at Spawn. When activated, the Miner will mine blocks for you whilst you doing your own thing, boosting your income! You can upgrade the; efficiency of your Miner, allowing more blocks to be mined every so often; capacity, allowing the Miner to hold more blocks in its inventory before it needs to be emptied; tier of mine, this introduces more blocks that are available to the Miner when it is mining. All upgrades cost tokens. The whole system works via a clean GUI, so you can start/stop the Miner mining, collect all the resources and upgrade it with ease.
Useful Commands
/warp Miner
Warps you to the Miner.

Network Store
On the Network Store, you will be able to purchase cool ranks that give you many extra perks including access to a kit with some epic tools and armour to improve your mining experience. Other items on the store include; crate keys, these will allow you to open crates located at spawn to get some fancy rewards; mine parties (more on this in a second); mine bombs, you can throw these bombs into mines to create mass explosions; sell multipliers, once activated, will provide a temporary sell boost making your items worth more; and money pouches, these will give you a random amount of money between a minimum and maximum value.
Global suffixes, unbans and unmutes are also available on the store.
Useful Commands
Links you to the store.
/store Links you to the store.

Mine Parties

Paragon MC’s custom Mine Party plugin adds a cool periodic event to the game mode. Mine Parties can be bought from the Network Store or one may be started by a Senior Staff Member at any time.
When a Mine Party starts, /warp party will be available to every player. This mine contains very rare blocks which sell for an absolute ton of money!
A Mine Party is a great opportunity to make some money and rank up to higher ranks easier.
Useful Commands
/warp Party
Warps you to the Mine Party.