October Roadmap & Recent Changes


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Feb 1, 2019
Hello everyone!

The month of October is upon us which means it's spooky time! 👻
Any further seasonal content for this month will be announced in the Discord #announcements channel.

Recent Changes
  • Cells
    • Prestiged players will be able to access the "P1 Cell Block" via the /warps menu! These cells cost more, but are also a LOT more spacious as some of you have requested. We'll continue to add larger cells for higher ranks!
    • Players are now able to become members of other players' cells whilst still owning their own.
  • Discord
    • We said the Donator role was introduced as a trial and we've made the decision to remove it. Donators will receive their corresponding in-game rank which now has the corresponding colour of the rank! You'll all be displayed separately on the user list! Note: Staff members can be differentiated by their staff rank in their nickname.
    • We're currently working on our own bot for the Discord which will bring some cool features which we will eventually expand upon.
  • Voting
    • Voting is now active! Players will be able to access the vote links by executing /vote in-game.
    • Players will receive tokens and a Vote Crate Key for every vote.
    • Note: We are aware of players sometimes receiving duplicate rewards and are working hard to fix it!
  • Auto Miners
    • Auto Miners have been fixed and are now functioning as they should be.
Competition - Halloween Build-Off
To mark this spooky time of the year we are holding a build-off for the spookiest cells around, so gather them resources and get placing them blocks. Cells will be scored based on their spookiness by myself and @Spectrum on the 30th October 2019 and winners will be announced on the 31st October 2019.

How to Enter
Anyone is eligible to enter this competition as long as you have a cell! You'll have to spookify your cell as much as you can.
When you've done that, reply to this thread with the following format. You must upload images to one Imgur link!
Imgur Link:

The fun stuff, this is why we take part in competitions! Prizes will be given to first, second and third places.

First Place:
  • Spooky Pickaxe
  • Two Monthly Crates (October)
  • Spooky Suffix
Second Place:
  • Two Monthly Crates (October)
  • Spooky Suffix
Third Place:
  • One Monthly Crate (October)
  • Spooky Suffix
Best of luck to everyone who enters!

October Roadmap
We plan to add some more new content to the Prison game mode.
Without spoiling too much, some key areas that we want to address include:

  • Free World
    • We're looking at adding some free world events that any [Free] ranked player will be able to attend.
    • The free world could have more of a purpose and we'll be looking into how we can reward players for spending time in the free world.
  • Enchantments
    • As per player feedback, we want to add a mechanic that will allow players to combine both normal enchantments and custom enchantments to create higher levels of that enchantment.
    • We are very interested in adding more custom enchantments and have a few ideas.
  • Mining Levels
    • Not so long in the near future, a mining level for players will be introduced. This level will give the player access to a special ability. Levelling up will reward the player with a longer special ability, that has a stronger effect and a shorter cooldown.
    • Other mining rewards will be considered.
  • Personal Missions & Daily Rewards
    • We want our players to enjoy coming back on to Paragon MC. We're going to be implementing a daily reward system that rewards players for logging into the network.
    • Personal missions will be given to players on a daily basis. Players will receive three missions: easy, medium, and hard. Each completed mission will result in the player being rewarded and three completed missions will result in a greater reward being given.
  • Prison Events
    • To add more content to the game mode, we want players to be able to rank up without just constantly mining. Events would automatically occur which every player can join in!
    • This idea is still heavily in the works.
  • Auto Miners
    • We will be working on making the Auto Miner better and more effective for users over the coming days. An announcement will be made in the Discord about any changes made!
We hope you're all excited about the future of Paragon MC and its Prison game mode!
If you have any ideas, whether it's a completely different idea or a suggestion for one of our existing ideas, please make a suggestion thread in the Suggestions forum!

Monthly Crates & Community Events
Monthly Crates will be brought to the network every month. Each Monthly Crate will have a theme (seasonal if applicable) and will be available for purchase on the store and up for grabs in the monthly Community Event. In addition to these Monthly Crates, a community event will be run (build-off this month) where players will be able to compete for prizes. Amongst the prizes will be Monthly Crates! Community Events could occur on the game server or Discord and will be announced at the start of the month.

Monthly crates will be available to purchase later in the month!

Monthly Crate Prizes


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Sep 9, 2019
IGN: Skaga
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