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Feb 1, 2019
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Welcome to Paragon MC! This guide will give you an insight into the network as a whole and how things work around here!
This thread should answer any questions you may have about the network.


General Information
Paragon MC currently supports Minecraft Java clients 1.8 - 1.16 and houses a very custom Prison game mode.
| Prison
The Prison game mode is non-competitive and has a balance between standard and OP Prison. To begin with, your Prison experience will have a very standard feel to it, but this can be easily changed by using custom pickaxe enchantments and voting for the network!

📌 Read more about the Prison features here:

Network Staff
Our staff members are around to support players and ensure that all rules are being followed. You can view all of our staff members here!
Players can apply to become a staff member if they want to help out the network and feel like they can help have a positive impact on the network.

Staff members start in the position of Trial-Moderator which is a period of time where they will be trialed as a staff member. If Trial-Moderators perform to the required standards, they will be promoted to fully-fledged Moderators. Sr. Moderators oversee their assigned Trial-Moderators throughout their trial period and are the main source of assistance. Administrators help run the network providing managerial assistance where required.

📌 Want to apply to the Staff Team? Read more here:

Player Reports
If you find a player breaking one of our rules, you are free to report them if none staff members are currently online. When submitting a report, you need to gather sufficient evidence in order for us to take the appropriate action. We're looking at completely overhauling the reporting system to make it much more user-friendly and a whole lot simpler to report players!

To report an offence on the game server or Discord server, you can open a player report in the Player Reports section of the forums. A staff member will respond to your player report when it has been reviewed and inform you of the outcome of the report.

To report a forum post, click the "Report" button on the post you wish to report. A report will be opened and sent to the staff members. You will receive a notification when a report has been answered via the notification centre.

📌 Read more about submitting a player report here:

Punishment Appeals
If you feel like you've been unjustly punished or you're not sure what you were punished for, you can open a punishment appeal to request the proof or appeal it. Punishment appeals are always reviewed by other staff members to get a second opinion.

We don't reduce punishment durations at all, only remove punishments with insufficient evidence. If you wish to be unmuted/unbanned sooner or are permanently muted/banned, you can purchase an unmute/unban from our store. You can only purchase one unmute every week and only one unban every two weeks.

📌 You can read more about punishment appeals here:

Bug Reports
If you find a bug on the game server, you are able to report it by opening a bug report. Bug reports are reviewed by staff members and the bug will be passed on to the Management Team to be fixed in due course.

📌 You can read more about bug reports here:

Store Issues
If you have any questions about a package on the store or have an issue with a purchase you've made, you can open a support request. Members of the Management Team will assist you with your question or issue.

📌 You can learn more about purchase support requests here: