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Welcome to Paragon MC! Paragon MC is a hopefully upcoming server that takes the communities’ favourite and most popular game modes, changes and upgrades them whilst still maintaining the key and important aspects of the mode.

The server IP address is We will be starting out with the modern “Prison” game mode. You can find a more in-depth thread regarding the Prison game mode here.

I am fully aware that there will be a million and one ways in which we can improve the server and the Management Team is completely open to suggestions, anything from simple additions to remaking half of a game mode, we want to hear it.
If you do have any suggestions, please create a thread in the Suggestions Sub-Forum.

We do plan to add new and more exciting game modes in the future, but our current main focus is on Prison and making it more unique.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, come and help build an awesome community. I hope to see you around in-game!

Prison Guide

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A Guide to Prison

This thread is a guide to Prison. Paragon MC’s Prison game mode brings custom plugins to the table with many ranks, so you will never get bored!

The ranks in Prison start at ‘A’ and go all the way up to ‘Free’. Each rank will bring a new mine that you can mine at with new and rarer ores that sell for more money as you progress through the Prison.
When you reach rank ‘Free’, instead of being granted access to a new mine, you will be able to warp to the Free World!

Free World
This world is a normal survival world where you can collect any resources that you can’t naturally collect in the Prison. This allows you to add cool stuff to your cell.
Useful Commands
/warp Free
Warps you to the free world.

Tokens & Sell Multipliers
Our custom sell signs plugin allows players to gain an extra bit of cash with sell multipliers. Sell multipliers can be bought through the /shop GUI using tokens.
You will earn tokens by mining. For every 1000 blocks you mine, you will receive 50 tokens.
You can purchase: 1.25x temporary multipliers, 1.5x temporary multipliers, and 2.0x temporary multipliers. Smaller temporary multipliers can be found in crates. When bought, you will have to activate them in the /activate GUI. There is a multiplier cap at 11x meaning that your sell multiplier cannot go any higher than that. You can see your own multiplier and other players’ multipliers by: hovering over their name in chat or by typing /multiplier [player]. Sell multipliers can also be bought from the store. When you have (a) sell multiplier(s) active, the price displayed on the sell sign will be updated to accommodate the changes made to your multiplier.
Useful Commands
Opens the multiplier shop.
/activate Opens the activation menu.
/multiplier [player] Checks your or another player’s multiplier.
/tokens [player]...

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