Enchantment Combining

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Players are now able to combine enchantment books and pickaxes by using the Blacksmith at /warp market.


How it Works
Two of the same pickaxes can be placed into the GUI. "Same" refers to the type of pickaxe (i.e. diamond, gold, iron).

When two pickaxes are combined, the durability's are combined up to the maximum durability for that pickaxe type.

  • A diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1007/1561 combined with a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 104/1561 will create a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1111/1561.
  • A diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1490/1561 combined with a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1205/1561 will create a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1561/1561.
  • A diamond pickaxe cannot be combined with an iron pickaxe.

Two enchantments of the same type and level can be combined to make one enchantment of the next level.
If two enchantments of the same type, but different level are combined, the highest level enchantment will be placed on the produced pickaxe.
If a pickaxe has an enchantment that the other does not, the enchantment will be placed on to the produced pickaxe with no changes.

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Network Voting

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You can vote for the network and receive rewards whilst helping us out!

Voting Links
These vote links can be accessed by executing /vote in-game.
How to Vote
You can vote on three different server lists to fain rewards. You are able to vote on your alternate accounts, though you would need to be on a different IP (mobile data works for this).
  1. Click one of the vote links above.
  2. Enter your Minecraft IGN.
  3. Complete the captcha (if required).
  4. Submit your vote.
Your vote should come through almost instantly. Not online? Don't worry! All vote rewards will be given when you next log in.

Voting Rewards
Individual Rewards
For each vote, you will receive 15 tokens and a Vote Crate Key!
This means that you can earn up to 45 tokens and three Vote Crate Keys per day.

Vote Parties
Vote parties will occur when a total of 50 votes has been reached. Vote Parties will reward all online players with a Mega Crate Key!
Check how many votes are needed until the next Vote Party by executing /vp.

October Roadmap & Recent Changes

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Hello everyone!

The month of October is upon us which means it's spooky time! 👻
Any further seasonal content for this month will be announced in the Discord #announcements channel.

Recent Changes
  • Cells
    • Prestiged players will be able to access the "P1 Cell Block" via the /warps menu! These cells cost more, but are also a LOT more spacious as some of you have requested. We'll continue to add larger cells for higher ranks!
    • Players are now able to become members of other players' cells whilst still owning their own.
  • Discord
    • We said the Donator role was introduced as a trial and we've made the decision to remove it. Donators will receive their corresponding in-game rank which now has the corresponding colour of the rank! You'll all be displayed separately on the user list! Note: Staff members can be differentiated by their staff rank in their nickname.
    • We're currently working on our own bot for the Discord which will bring some cool features which we will eventually expand upon.
  • Voting
    • Voting is now active! Players will be able to access the vote links by executing /vote in-game.
    • Players will receive tokens and a Vote Crate Key for every vote.
    • Note: We are aware of players sometimes receiving duplicate rewards and are working hard to fix it!
  • Auto Miners
    • Auto Miners have been fixed and are now functioning as they should be.
Competition - Halloween...

Changelog [6/4/2019]

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Cells Update & Forums Dark Theme

Hey, I told you cogs were turning in the background. Here's a little update for you all! It's a small chunk of what we've had in the works - there's plenty more to come.

Cells Update
We have changed the ways in which players can use cells. There are three main parts to this update.
Cell Members
With this new update to our custom cells plugin, you will be able to invite members to your cell! This means that you can allow your friends and alternate accounts to edit your cell. Any player that is a member in one of your cells will become a member of all your cells! Additional cells can be purchased with a Prison Rank from the store. Members of a cell will show on /cell info.
/cell invite <player> Invites a player to the cell.
/cell accept <player> Accepts a player's invite to their cell.
/cell deny <player> Denies a player's invite to their cell.
/cell kick <player> Kicks a player from your cell.
/cell leave Allows a player to leave the cell they are a member of.
NOTE: You are responsible for anything that happens in your cell. I.e. if a member griefs your cell, they may or may not be punished depending on how much evidence can be gathered by the staff team.
Locking Cells
In addition to this new members system, cell owners will be able to lock their individual cells. This means you can keep all non-members out of your cells. You will have to lock each cell you own individually. All members of a cell will be able to access it, regardless of it being unlocked or locked.
/cell lock [cell number] Locks your cell.
/cell unlock [cell number] Unlocks your cell.
Teleporting to Other Players' Cells
With the...

Creating a Chest Shop

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We've recently removed the Auction House and replaced it with a chest shop system.
This guide will go into detail about how to create these shops!

  1. Place a chest down.
  2. Place a sign on the chest.
  3. Use the formats seen below to write the sign.
  4. Close the editor.
  • Signs are created from the perspective of the customer. "B" means buy blocks. "S" means sell blocks.
  • Chest shops can only be created in cells and the free world.
The first line of the sign should be your username. Alternatively, you can leave the blank and it will automatically fill it in.
The second line needs to contain the number of items to be bought or sold.
The third line should be the price with the service ("B" - buy blocks from the shop, "S" - sell blocks to the shop).
The fourth line should contain the item name. This website may help you.

Shops Selling Items

Shops Buying Items

Shops Buying and Selling Items

Linking an MC Account

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This is a quick guide to help you link your MC account to your forums account to get shiny badges like these:


Having your MC linked to your forums account is now a requirement for staff applications, so it is important to link it if you have or are thinking of applying for staff.

  1. Type /register if you do not already have a forums account OR /link if you already have a forums account.
  2. Click the link that is sent to you in chat.
  3. If you are registering, follow the instructions to create your account.
  4. Your account should be linked.
  • Allow up to 30 minutes for your rank to sync through to the forums.
  • No donator ranks will be given a rank on the forums.


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Welcome to Paragon MC! Paragon MC is a hopefully upcoming server that takes the communities’ favourite and most popular game modes, changes and upgrades them whilst still maintaining the key and important aspects of the mode.

The server IP address is We will be starting out with the modern “Prison” game mode. You can find a more in-depth thread regarding the Prison game mode here.

I am fully aware that there will be a million and one ways in which we can improve the server and the Management Team is completely open to suggestions, anything from simple additions to remaking half of a game mode, we want to hear it.
If you do have any suggestions, please create a thread in the Suggestions Sub-Forum.

We do plan to add new and more exciting game modes in the future, but our current main focus is on Prison and making it more unique.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, come and help build an awesome community. I hope to see you around in-game!

Prison Guide

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A Guide to Prison

This thread is a guide to Prison. Paragon MC’s Prison game mode brings custom plugins to the table with many ranks, so you will never get bored!

The ranks in Prison start at ‘A’ and go all the way up to ‘Free’. Each rank will bring a new mine that you can mine at with new and rarer ores that sell for more money as you progress through the Prison.
When you reach rank ‘Free’, instead of being granted access to a new mine, you will be able to warp to the Free World!

Free World
This world is a normal survival world where you can collect any resources that you can’t naturally collect in the Prison. This allows you to add cool stuff to your cell.
Useful Commands
/warp Free
Warps you to the free world.

Tokens & Sell Multipliers
Our custom sell signs plugin allows players to gain an extra bit of cash with sell multipliers. Sell multipliers can be bought through the /shop GUI using tokens.
You will earn tokens by mining. For every 1000 blocks you mine, you will receive 50 tokens.
You can purchase: 1.25x temporary multipliers, 1.5x temporary multipliers, and 2.0x temporary multipliers. Smaller temporary multipliers can be found in crates. When bought, you will have to activate them in the /activate GUI. There is a multiplier cap at 11x meaning that your sell multiplier cannot go any higher than that. You can see your own multiplier and other players’ multipliers by: hovering over their name in chat or by typing /multiplier [player]. Sell multipliers can also be bought from the store. When you have (a) sell multiplier(s) active, the price displayed on the sell sign will be updated to accommodate the changes made to your multiplier.
Useful Commands
Opens the multiplier shop.
/activate Opens the activation menu.
/multiplier [player] Checks your or another player’s multiplier.
/tokens [player]...

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