Information Prison Guide

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You've been sentenced to a lifetime in prison and hard-labour for multiple accounts of piracy. Make ends meet by using the prison mines to sell rarities to the corrupt Prison Warden. Upgrade your tools to make more money in a shorter space of time. Keep your criminal activities going whilst in prison by forming a gang and operating your own personal island.

Paragon MC Prison is designed to be a mix between classic and OP Prison with a unique and themed twist.



Ranks in the prison begin at A and end at Z. Ranking up costs a set amount of money that will increase for every rank. Each rank will give you access to a new mine where a greater quantity of rarer ores will be present along with increased sell prices for the rarities.

Useful Command /rankup If you have the required amount of money, you will be ranked up to the next rank.

When you reach rank Z, you'll be able to reset your progress in return for a little prestige. Your rank will be set back to A and your balance will be cleared. You will keep all of your items, island data, quests progress, and daily mission progress. When you prestige, you will receive a permanent 0.05x sell multiplier and a prestige tag in chat and above your head.

Useful Command /prestige If you have the required amount of money, your progress will be reset and you will gain prestige....

Information Network Guide

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Welcome to Paragon MC! This guide will give you an insight into the network as a whole and how things work around here!
This thread should answer any questions you may have about the network.


General Information
Paragon MC currently supports Minecraft Java clients 1.8 - 1.16 and houses a very custom Prison game mode.
| Prison
The Prison game mode is non-competitive and has a balance between standard and OP Prison. To begin with, your Prison experience will have a very standard feel to it, but this can be easily changed by using custom pickaxe enchantments and voting for the network!

📌 Read more about the Prison features here:

Network Staff
Our staff members are around to support players and ensure that all rules are being followed. You can view all of our staff members here!
Players can apply to become a staff member if they want to help out the network and feel like they can help have a positive impact on the network.

Staff members start in the position of Trial-Moderator which is a period of time where they will be trialed as a staff member. If Trial-Moderators perform to the required standards, they will be promoted to...

Linking a Minecraft Account

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Account Linking.png

Linking your Minecraft account to your forum account will allow for players to be able to identify you easier.
Having your Minecraft account linked to your forum account is now a requirement for staff applications, so it is important to link it if you have or are thinking of applying for staff.

You'll see a player tag on your profile page and under your profile information on comments/posts across the forums.


  1. Type /register if you do not already have a forums account OR /link if you already have a forums account.
  2. Click the link that is sent to you in chat.
  3. If you are registering, follow the instructions to create your account.
  4. Your account should be linked.
  • Allow up to 30 minutes for your rank to sync through to the forums.
  • Only global donator ranks will give a forums banner.

Enchantment Combining

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Enchantment Combining.png

Players are now able to combine enchantment books and pickaxes by using the Blacksmith at /spawn.


How it Works
Two of the same pickaxes can be placed into the GUI. "Same" refers to the type of pickaxe (i.e. diamond, gold, iron).

When two pickaxes are combined, the durability's are combined up to the maximum durability for that pickaxe type.

  • A diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1007/1561 combined with a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 104/1561 will create a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1111/1561.
  • A diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1490/1561 combined with a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1205/1561 will create a diamond pickaxe with a durability of 1561/1561.
  • A diamond pickaxe cannot be combined with an iron...

Information Network Voting

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Network Voting.png

You can vote for the network and receive rewards whilst helping us out!

Voting Links
These vote links can be accessed by executing /vote in-game.
How to Vote
You can vote on three different server lists to fain rewards. You are able to vote on your alternate accounts, though you would need to be on a different IP (mobile data works for this).
  1. Click one of the vote links above.
  2. Enter your Minecraft IGN.
  3. Complete the captcha (if required).
  4. Submit your vote.
Your vote should come through almost instantly. Not online? Don't worry! All vote rewards will be given when you next log in.

Voting Rewards
Individual Rewards
For each vote, you will receive 15 tokens and a Vote Crate Key!
This means that you can earn up to 75 tokens and five Vote Crate Keys per day.

Vote Parties
Vote parties will occur when a total of 50 votes has been reached. Vote Parties will reward all online players with a Mega Crate Key!
Check how many votes are needed until the next Vote Party by executing /vp.

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