Reporting Users & Messages on Discord


Feb 1, 2019
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Discord reports are not submitted on the forums like game server reports. We have a reporting system in our Discord bot that will allow you to report specific users or messages.
To open a report, open a direct message with the Paragon MC bot Paragon MC#4975 and type -report. This will generate a new report for you. The bot will ask you whether you are reporting a user or a message that has been sent on the server (deleted messages cannot be reported, though you can alert a staff member who can check the logs and take the appropriate action).

You should respond to this message with either user or message to continue the report. You should enter user if you're wanting to report a specific user (e.g. reporting an inappropriate profile picture or name). You should enter message if you are wanting to report a message that has been sent on the server (e.g. inappropriate language).

The report will automatically close after five minutes of no response.


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To report a user, you will need to provide the user ID of the user that you are reporting. If you do not know how to find a user ID, click here. The user must be in the server at the time of reporting. If the user has since left, you can alert a staff member who can investigate the matter.

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You will then need to include any relevant information and evidence in your report to allow the Staff Team to investigate the report fully. Screenshots should be uploaded to and videos should be uploaded to as Discord attachments will not be included in the report.

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To report a specific message, you will need to provide the channel ID of the channel where the message was sent. If you do not know how to find a channel ID, click here.

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Then input the message ID of the message you wish to report. If you do not know how to find a message ID, click here. The message must still be in the channel at the time of reporting.

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When a staff member has reviewed your report, you will receive a notification informing you whether or not any action was taken against the user or message you reported.

If you do not feel that the outcome was appropriate, open a ticket and provide the supporting staff member with the report ID which can be found in the title of the embedded messages. The staff member will help you understand why a certain conclusion was reached.

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